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Example of an Essay on the Importance of Being Self-Dependent

Probably all young people dream of reaching the full freedom and independence from their family. They want to make their own decisions and choices. There is no wonder why so many teenagers decide to study away from their native town and sometimes even move to another part of a country. Of course, some difficulties may […]

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How to Become Financially Independent?

As we mentioned in the previous article, the majority of young people encounter lots of troubles at the beginning of living separately from their family. The issue of money is first-rate for many students who sometimes have to refuse from some necessary things because of the absence of stable income. Without any exaggeration, being financially […]

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A List of Reasons Why You Cannot Adapt to Independent Life

Despite almost all teenagers wish to start living separated from their parents after graduating from a high school. However, this may bring lots of difficulties and troubles for young people who are at the beginning of the adult life. For example, many students suffer from homesickness while living in a dorm and this usually becomes […]

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The Best Ways of Fighting Off Homesickness

It is true that entering a new independent life includes not only freedom, lots of benefits and more opportunities but also unpleasant things. Most of these negative issues are demonstrated during the first time at college and freshmen are those who suffer from them. For example, homesickness is the common problem of a newbie at […]

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How to Prepare Yourself for an Independent Life?

After the graduation from a high school, almost all teenagers decide to leave their home and move to another city to continue their education a college or university. Sure, most of these young people want to become smarter and open up new possibilities, which a first-class degree gives to a student. However, these are not […]

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