Example of an Essay on Ecology: Strategies for Saving Local Forests

People Cutting Forest

As all of us know that humanity encounters thousands of ecological problems every day and some of them seem impossible to solve. However, few of us understand that the main reason for these troubles is our human activity. The widescale exploitation of nature and its resources cause many changes which worsen environmental conditions and threat human existence. How exactly do people damage the nature?

Many will answer that they have never done anything bad to their natural surroundings. Nevertheless, sometimes we do not even notice what is happening in our home regions. Let’s just look around. How have the natural condition changed?

The typical example of how environmental resources are exploited is deforestation. Large companies destroy forests in order to satisfy needs of society. As a rule, such sacrifices are not necessary and there are many good alternatives to the wood. In this article, we are going to shed more light on this issue, its significance and the ways to solve it.

Less Printing

It is a pretty good idea to reduce the number of papers you print. Some of us actually waste tons of wood in such a way. In the age of modern devices, there is no need to have absolutely all your books and assignments printed. You can just upload some things on your tablet or smartphone and use it at classes or for homework. It saves dozens of trees. You can decide which things you really need to print. Sometimes you may be required to have printed materials anyway.

Without any doubts, there are still lots of school and colleges cases when students waste natural resources too much and do not even realize it. So, it is important to launch a campaign which will reveal this damage and explain some ways to reduce it. This will help students understand that they do not need to print everything they see.

Recycling of Paper

People Recycle Paper

It is vital to launch several effective recycling campaigns in your region. Sometimes people just put used papers in a trash bin without understanding that they waste natural resources in vain. That is why it is important to explain them that there are many possibilities to use this wood once more.

There should be recycling stations even in any town. It is also essential to inform all citizens about the benefits of recycling, so that they know what those bins are for and use them properly.

Forest Conservation

It is significant to protect forests in your region. There should be laws which make it impossible to destroy forest areas. Some reasonable limits for deforestation should be applied. Unfortunately, it happens that people ignore even established laws and break them. They cut trees and sell wood to get profit. That is why it is important not just to implement strict regulations but also to control how people follow them. There should be high fines or even imprisonment for breaking such limits and laws. It is a pretty good idea to create a special crew which will monitor the situation.

Supporting Protection of Forests

It is true that the advertising campaign matters a lot. That is why it is important to launch it in your region in order to prevent deforestation. However, it should be effective and persuasive, otherwise it may turn into a waste of money. The best method to inform people on the bad impacts of deforestation is to illustrate its consequences.

Some do not even realize its terribleness. So, you should explain why it is important to save local forests. Use arguments involving human health, quality of air and pollution. Trees produce oxygen, so if all forests in the region are destroyed, there will be no natural regulator of air clearness, and lots of diseases may appear as well.

Moreover, people’s well-being will get worse in general. Then, you can calculate the approximate sum of money wasted on papers, furniture, and other items made of wood. Using recycled products can help us save money.

Schools, college and universities should also be involved in such campaign. They even may organize some competitions in order to collect wastepaper.

Post-Consumer Materials

Ecological Companies

It is a good idea to buy items which are made of the recycled wood. It can be anything from packets and papers to the furniture for your apartment. There are dozens of companies which target on recycling sphere and produce things which do not include virgin wood fiber. You can find the list of these manufacturers and check their websites.

Such measure will help us save nature and home from pollution. Moreover, such items are usually cheaper, so recycling is definitely positive for your pocket as well.

There are several important issues which are necessary to be aware of in order to save forests in your local area from destruction. Some of them require finances and lots of efforts, but others are easy to bring into life even for an ordinary college student. The results of our success will be clearer air, better life conditions for people and animals that inhabit forests. The main point is our interest in the environment and its protection.