Example of an Essay on the Importance of Being Self-Dependent

Person Is Happy

Probably all young people dream of reaching the full freedom and independence from their family. They want to make their own decisions and choices. There is no wonder why so many teenagers decide to study away from their native town and sometimes even move to another part of a country. Of course, some difficulties may occur as dealing with challenges is the part of self-dependence. Adults usually warn their children about the complications and hardship of the independence and living separately. These words are true in a great part of cases. Self-dependence means being responsible for your words and actions, carrying about yourself and providing good living conditions. However, it gives you lots of benefits and opens up more life opportunities. Furthermore, you will gain valuable experience while trying to deal with all troubles which occur during the first term at college.

Prove Your Abilities

It is not a secret that a person can easily deal with difficulties and challenges while having a kind of support. It may be parents, friends, teachers or anyone who can help you in case of troubles. However, students lose a chance to try their own strengths and get rid of their weakness. Life gives a great number of opportunities to practice your skills and talents. In this way, you can show others your superiority in a certain field and demonstrate your power. It will make you feel more confident and even stronger than you have been before a challenge. Moreover, it encourages students to reach more goals in their life. For instance, a person who receives an excellent mark for a paper will probably be more diligent and understand why he or she has to work hard. It is very pleasant when someone praises you for your attainments.

Develop New Personal Qualities

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On the other hand, you will be able to develop some useful personal qualities while being self-dependent. For example, a young person learns how to make his or her own decisions and be responsible for them. Thus, a student understands that he should be careful and think well while making a choice. It also teaches how to take a long view on the issues and not to hurry if you have to decide something serious. It cannot be taught at college lectures or described in a textbook. These qualities may be gained with life experience and specific knowledge which you get after dealing with challenges on your own.

Solve Your Problems

Students Have Conflict

Being self-reliant teaches us how to find a solution in difficult situations and tackle conflicts with other people quickly. It gives lots of advantages at college, where students have to encounter various troubles every day. Thus, it is significant to be able to use your creativity and do not give up even if it seems that you are in a dead-end situation. It is always possible to solve problems if you are prepared for difficulties and do not depend on someone else. Furthermore, a young person learns how to develop a more serious approach to the problems and deal with them without wasting time for crying.

Becoming Hard-Working

It is a well-known fact that even the laziest students become hard-working while starting their independent life. Life conditions make them do so. As a rule, students have to work as part-time employees in order to earn some money. It teaches them how to balance their time and be able to study and do their job productively. These young people understand that they will probably reach nothing while sitting on a sofa the whole day and watching TV. Moreover, a college shows that education is not the thing which depends on teachers. A student has to make a lot of efforts in order to gain knowledge and skills. He should learn how to develop his personality first of all.

All in all, being self-reliant and responsible for your own decision is very important for every person. It is better to learn how to be independent at the young age in order to get essential experience quicker and provide a success for yourself. For example, self-dependent students are better at college and cope with tasks more effectively than young people who need someone to care about them. In addition, they learn how to appreciate themselves and their own achievements. These teenagers do not depend on someone else’s remarks. They can encourage themselves for working hard and heading on. We hope that you will develop all necessary qualities for living independently and being free from someone else’s judgments and influence.