ICICI Bank Education Loan

ICICI Bank hasn’t only benefited many individuals for making their lifestyles far better but has also helped a great deal in moving the continuing growth of the country. Among the fastest growing bank in India, it offers several types of loans as well as banking services for example ICICI Bank Education Loan or any other sort of loan for private usage of different people. ICICI Bank Loan helps you in meeting with many major expenses that occur in your life and usually are difficult to be met without some financial assistance.

ICICI Bank will provide an education loan that will cover the entire course fee as well as supplementary expenses( such as course material, boarding and lodging expenses, higher studies) as stipulated by the Institute and college. Minimum amount of Education Loan granted by ICICI Bank for Education in India is Rs. 50 thousand and maximum amount of Education Loan is Rs. 4 Lakh. Those people who want ICICI Finance solutions for education abroad then ICICI bank granted maximum amount of Rs. 4 Lakh. Students can have the option of repayment the ICICI Bank education loan, which starts post moratorium period of 2 yrs, 3 yrs & 4 yrs.

The minimum eligibility to get ICICI Bank Education Loan for Study Abroad is justified that can be quite easily satisfied by most of the society. This not just help individuals in making their ambitions into realities but delivers a lot more wings to their lifestyles within factors so that everybody can fulfill their basic needs. The Education Loans from ICICI Bank are available for anyone who will be seeking to get higher education degrees in india as well as out side the india. Millions of people go for the ICICI Bank Study Loans every year and nearly every one satisfying the basic requirements gets to have the ICICI Bank Student Loans.

The bank has been providing 24 / 7 mobile banking, ATM, and Internet support to all its customers to ensure every person can save their precious time to check their their Eligibility Criteria as well Bank requirements.. And all those people who get to have the Student Loans from ICICI Bank in no way cease on that provide, many of the customers take loans time and again for their educational needs for themselves or their kids. The basic Eligibility for ICICI Education Loan is nominal that will be known from any nearest branch of ICICI Bank or from their website on the Internet.

We are also the most beneficial advice professional about the ICICI Bank Education Loan and have served lots of people in educating them to get ICICI Education Loans for Study Abroad and different benefits over other banks. The Education Loans from ICICI Bank also make it possible for each and every one gets to have the best service to get paid for the whole thing like air tickets, visa processing, boarding and lodging, study fee and other misc. expenses. So grab the ICICI Bank Study Loans by finishing the Eligibility for ICICI Education Loan and move ahead in life

Loan Purpose of ICICI Bank Education

  • Fee payable to College / Hostel
  • Examination / Library / Laboratory fee
  • Purchase of books / equipments / instruments
  • Caution Deposit / Building Fund
  • Travel Expenses / Passage
  • Purchase of computers

Rate of interest – ICICI Bank Education Loan

The rate of interest charged is 14.75%. (It might be revised shortly)

Moratorium period

Moratorium period of 18 months is given (which is the course period + 6 months). The monthly installment during the moratorium period (1 – 18 months ) will be Rs. 2458.