Kerala University Distance Education

Kerala is known for its literacy. People of Kerala are the ones most educated in the country with a literacy rate of 94% (probably the highest in the country as compared to other states ). There’s no doubt about Kerala’s education level.

Kerala’s distance education is highly recognized. It enables students to complete their dream of pursuing higher education and specially the housewives and working professionals can benefit from distance education and give a chance to upgrade their position is their career. There are many higher educational institutions in Kerala and some of them provide distance education at undergraduate and postgraduate level. They are ranked among top 50 distance educational institutions in India. Distance learning institutions in Kerala work with an aim to make education easily accessible to the disadvantaged sections of the population in and around the state.

The top distance educational institutions in Kerala are Mahatma Gandhi university which has all the distance learning courses for the students and has taken education out of its four walls. Then comes the university of Calicut, which is famously known for its highly qualified and experienced faculty. Lastly, university of Kerala which is located in the capital of Kerala is also known for its excellent distance education.

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