Petroleum Engineering Course

Petroleum engineering course is not really famous in India as the course is not available at a wide level. There are few universities that offer this course . People are not much aware about the key facts and career prospects of the course.

During the first year of study in petroleum engineering students usually learn about basic engineering methods and techniques and from second year very specialized courses are taught. The students learn subsurface activities related to the production of hydrocarbons which can be either crude oil or natural gas. It’s an attractive and high paying option for engineering students.  Developing the latest machines and equipment, which can be used in the extraction and processing of oil is part of the job of  petroleum engineer.  Petroleum engineers have global career and are hired by global oil companies.

Petroleum Engineering Career Scope & Salary

Petroleum engineering course offers wonderful job opportunities at national and international level. Core companies for petroleum engineering jobs are Reliance Industries Ltd,  ONGC,  Schlumberger,  Shell,  OIL,  British Gas etc. Average salary expected is 4-5 Lakhs annually.

Top Colleges & Universities for Petroleum Engineering Courses

Now, the top universities that offer petroleum engineering course in India are  ISM Dhanbad,  Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology , Maharashtra Institute of Technology ,  University of petroleum and energy studies  etc.