PNB Educatioin Loan

As one of the best Government Bank of India, it offers several types of loans as well as banking solutions to their customers. Punjab National Bank Education Loan have served higher education to lots of people. You can take the Punjab National Bank Education Loans or Study Abroad and Study in India. If you will take the Punjab National Bank Education Loan then you will get various benefits over other banks of India. PNB provide the Study Loans through Vidyalakshyapurti Scheme. The Education Loans from Punjab National Bank also guarantee that every one gets to have the top service and get paid for every thing for example air tickets, visa processing, boarding and lodging, study fee and other misc. expenses.

Eligibility for Punjab National Bank Education Loan

The minimum eligibility for getting Punjab National Bank Education Loans for Study Abroad is normal and will be quite easily fulfilled by majority of the society. If anybody want to get the Education Loan from PNB then it Should be from Indian Nationality. Student should have the secured passing marks in the qualifying Entrance Exam for admission to Graduation Courses. Punjab National Bank has also tied-up for insurance cover with Kotak Mahindra Insurance. So, if you applying for the Punjab National Bank Study Loan, you need to required fulfill the following requirements of the bank:-

  • Proof of Age
  • .Loan application on Bank’s format.
  • Passport Size Photograph
  • Proof of Address (Permanent).
  • Proof of having Secured Pass Marks in last Qualifying Exam..
  • Letter of admission in professional, technical or vocational courses.
  • Details of Assets & Liabilities of parents.
  • Prospectus of the course wherein charges like Admission Fee, Examination Fee, Hostel Charges etc. are mentioned.

The Education Loans from Punjab National Bank are available for anyone who are seeking to get higher education degrees in India as well as out side the nation. Millions of people apply for the Punjab National Bank Study Loans each year and nearly every one satisfying the simple requirements gets to obtain the Punjab National Bank Student Loans. The bank has also been providing round the clock mobile banking, ATM, and Internet support to all its consumers to ensure every one can save their precious time to check their their Eligibility Criteria as well Bank requirements.. And all those people who get to have the Student Loans from Punjab National Bank in no way cease on that give, lots of the clients take loans time and again for their educational requirements for themselves or their children. The basic Eligibility for Punjab National Bank Education Loan is minimal and might be known from the nearest branch of Punjab National Bank or using their website on the Internet.

We are also one of the top education loan professional regarding the Punjab National Bank and have served to lots of people in instructing them to acquire Punjab National Bank Education Loans for Study Abroad and different benefits over other banks. So get the Punjab National Bank Study Loans by doing the Eligibility for Punjab National Bank Education Loan and continue in life!